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CY7C68013A MCU Attack, CYPRESS CY7C IC Code Extraction

For CY7C68013A MCU Code Extraction, CY7C68013A IC Crack, CY7C68013A MCU Break, and other CYPRESS IC Attack. we use high-end technologies and the latest laboratory equipment to perfect the technique of microcontroller code recovering (extracting the code from locked microcontrollers). We had analyzed a wide variety of chip types which are commonly used in different industries, which enable us to open the chips and extract the program inside with quick speed and accuracy, and thus help lauching your project quicker and cheaper.

• Single-chip integrated USB 2.0 transceiver, SIE, and enhanced 8051 microprocessor

• Fit, form and function compatible with the FX2



—Functionally-compatible (FX2LP functionality is a superset of the FX2)

• Draws no more than 85 mA in any mode making the FX2LP suitable for bus powered applications

• Software: 8051 runs from internal RAM, which is:

—Downloaded via USB

—Loaded from EEPROM

—External memory device (128-pin configuration only)

• 16 KBytes of on-chip Code/Data RAM

• Four programmable BULK/INTERRUPT/ISOCHRONOUS endpoints

—Buffering options: double, triple, and quad

• Additional programmable (BULK/INTERRUPT) 64-byte endpoint

• 8- or 16-bit external data interface

• Smart Media Standard ECC generation


—Allows direct connection to most parallel interfaces; 8- and 16-bit

—Programmable waveform descriptors and configuration registers to define waveforms

—Supports multiple Ready (RDY) inputs and Control (CTL) outputs

• Integrated, industry standard 8051 with enhanced features

—Up to 48-MHz clock rate

—Four clocks per instruction cycle


—Three counter/timers

—Expanded interrupt system

—Two data pointers

• 3.3V operation with 5V tolerant inputs

• Smart SIE

• Vectored USB interrupts

• Separate data buffers for the Setup and DATA portions of a CONTROL transfer

• Integrated I2C controller, runs at 100 or 400 kHz

• 48-MHz, 24-MHz, or 12-MHz 8051 operation

• Four integrated FIFOs

—Brings glue and FIFOs inside for lower system cost

—Automatic conversion to and from 16-bit buses

—Master or slave operation

—FIFOs can use externally supplied clock or asynchronous strobes

—Easy interface to ASIC and DSP ICs

• Vectored for FIFO and GPIF interrupts

• Up to 40 general purpose I/Os

• Four package options—128-pin TQFP, 100-pin TQFP, 56-pin QFN and 56-pin SSOP Lead-Free

• USB 2.0-compatible

If you need to read the code from the protected chip CY7C68013A. we can help you to crack the MCU and extract the code from CY7C68013A succesfully. Welcome to contact us by Email or Skype. Email:

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