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What are the Methods of Cracking an IC?

IC Crack is usually handled by professional IC Crack services, since this process is a delicate one. There are many approaches to achieve an IC Crack. Some of these approaches will be discussed below.

Software attacking

This method involves using processor communication interfaces or security holes in cryptograhic algorithms to crack ICs. It is a popular method of Cracking ICs adopted by a good number of IC Crack services.

For instance, this approach was used to attack the ATMEL AT89C microcontrollers that were built earlier. The cracker used the loopholes in the timing design of the operation. During this process, a self designed program was used and the attacker halted the erasing of the program memory data. The ATMELAT89C became non-encrypted and the programmer could read the on-chip program.

Electronic detection attacks

When there is a normal operation, the electronic detection attacks monitor the interface and power connections. The electromagnetic radiation characteristics are monitored in order to cause an attack. The power consumption changes as the microcontroller carries out different instructions since it is an active electronic device.

Due to this, the attacker analyzes and detects these changes in order to get critical information from the microcontroller. The attacker uses mathematical statistics and electronic measuring instruments to detect such changes.

UV attack method

This method converts an encrypted chip to a non-encrypted one by applying ultraviolet radiation on the chip. After this, a programmer will directly read the program. The UV attack method is a great one for OTP chips. This is because the only method to erase these chips is by using UV light. Therefore, the UV light helps in getting rid of the encryption.

A good number of OTP chips are unlocked by using the IV attack method. Some OTP chip ceramic packages feature quartz windows. UV light can be used to irradiate this IC type. It is necessary to open the chip if it is packaged in a plastic material. This will help to expose the wafer to UV light..

The basic decryption doesn’t include any cost since the encryption of this chip is poor. Therefore, this chip decryption comes very cheap. A good example is the decryption of the SONIX SN8P2511and Infine on SCM.

Error Generation Attack Technology

In this technology, there are processor errors caused by abnormal operating conditions. The processor makes it accessible and easy to cause attacks. Clock and voltage strikes are the most common errors generation technologies used in causing attacks.

It is possible to force the processor to carry out some incorrect operations by using high-voltage and low-voltage attacks.  You can reset the protection circuitry by using a clock transition. This can be done without interfering with the secured information. For some processors, clock and power transitions can have a huge impact on decoding and carrying out a single instruction.

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