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PIC16F690 IC Attack, Microchip MCU code extracion

For PIC16F690 MCU Code Extraction, PIC16F690 IC Crack, PIC16F690 MCU Break, and other Microchip IC Attack. we use high-end technologies and the latest laboratory equipment to perfect the technique of microcontroller code recovering (extracting the code from locked microcontrollers). We had analyzed a wide variety of chip types which are commonly used in different industries, which enable us to open the chips and extract the program inside with quick speed and accuracy, and thus help lauching your project quicker and cheaper.

PIC16F690 is 20-Pin Flash-Based, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with nanoWatt Technology

Features of PIC16F690:

High-Performance RISC CPU:

• Only 35 instructions to learn:

– All single-cycle instructions except branches

• Operating speed:

– DC – 20 MHz oscillator/clock input

– DC – 200 ns instruction cycle

• Interrupt capability

• 8-level deep hardware stack

• Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes

Special Microcontroller Features:

• Precision Internal Oscillator:

– Factory calibrated to ± 1%

– Software selectable frequency range of 8 MHz to 32 kHz

– Software tunable

– Two-Speed Start-up mode

– Crystal fail detect for critical applications

– Clock mode switching during operation for power savings

• Power-Saving Sleep mode

• Wide operating voltage range (2.0V-5.5V)

• Industrial and Extended Temperature range

• Power-on Reset (POR)

• Power-up Timer (PWRTE) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST)

• Brown-out Reset (BOR) with software control option

• Enhanced low-current Watchdog Timer (WDT) with on-chip oscillator (software selectable

nominal 268 seconds with full prescaler) with software enable

• Multiplexed Master Clear/Input pin

• Programmable code protection

• High Endurance Flash/EEPROM cell:

– 100,000 write Flash endurance

– 1,000,000 write EEPROM endurance

– Flash/Data EEPROM retention: > 40 years

• Enhanced USART module:

– Supports RS-485, RS-232 and LIN 2.0

– Auto-Baud Detect

– Auto-wake-up on Start bit

Low-Power Features:

• Standby Current:

– 50 nA @ 2.0V, typical

• Operating Current:

– 11μA @ 32 kHz, 2.0V, typical

– 220μA @ 4 MHz, 2.0V, typical

• Watchdog Timer Current:

– <1μA @ 2.0V, typical

Peripheral Features:

• 17 I/O pins and 1 input only pin:

– High current source/sink for direct LED drive

– Interrupt-on-Change pin

– Individually programmable weak pull-ups

– Ultra Low-Power Wake-up (ULPWU)

• Analog Comparator module with:

– Two analog comparators

– Programmable on-chip voltage reference (CVREF) module (% of VDD)

– Comparator inputs and outputs externally accessible

– SR Latch mode

– Timer 1 Gate Sync Latch

– Fixed 0.6V VREF

• A/D Converter:

– 10-bit resolution and 12 channels

• Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit programmable prescaler

• Enhanced Timer1:

– 16-bit timer/counter with prescaler

– External Timer1 Gate (count enable)

– Option to use OSC1 and OSC2 in LP mode as Timer1 oscillator if INTOSC mode selected

• Timer2: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit period register, prescaler and postscaler

• Enhanced Capture, Compare, PWM+ module:

– 16-bit Capture, max resolution 12.5 ns

– Compare, max resolution 200 ns

– 10-bit PWM with 1, 2 or 4 output channels, programmable “dead time”, max frequency 20 kHz

– PWM output steering control

• Synchronous Serial Port (SSP):

– SPI mode (Master and Slave)

• I2C™ (Master/Slave modes):

– I2C™ address mask

• In-Circuit Serial ProgrammingTM (ICSPTM) via two pins

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