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DS2432 IC Attack, Dallas MCU Crack

For DS2432 MCU Code Extraction, DS2432 IC Crack, DS2432 MCU Break, and other Dallas IC Attack. we use high-end technologies and the latest laboratory equipment to perfect the technique of microcontroller code recovering (extracting the code from locked microcontrollers). We had analyzed a wide variety of chip types which are commonly used in different industries, which enable us to open the chips and extract the program inside with quick speed and accuracy, and thus help lauching your project quicker and cheaper.

General Description

The DS2432 combines 1024 bits of EEPROM, a 64-bit secret, an 8-byte register/control page with up to five user read/write bytes, a 512-bit SHA-1 engine, and a fully-featured 1-Wire interface in a single chip. Each DS2432 has its own 64-bit ROM registration number that is factory lasered into the chip to provide a guaranteed unique identity for absolute traceability. Data is transferred serially via the 1-Wire protocol, which requires only a single data lead and a ground return. The DS2432 has an additional memory area called the scratchpad that acts as a buffer when writing to the main memory, the register page or when installing a new secret. Data is first written to the scratchpad from where it can be read back. After the data has been verified, a copy scratchpad command will transfer the data to its final memory location, provided that the DS2432 receives a matching 160-Bit MAC. The computation of the MAC involves the secret and additional data stored in the DS2432 including the device’s registration number. Only a new secret can be loaded without providing a MAC. The SHA-1 engine can also be activated to compute 160-bit message authentication codes (MAC) when reading a memory page or to compute a new secret, instead of loading it. Applications of the DS2432 include intellectual property security, after-market management of consumables, and tamper-proof data carriers.


• 1128 Bits of 5V EEPROM Memory Partitioned Into Four Pages of 256 Bits, a 64-Bit Write-Only Secret, and Up to Five General-Purpose Read/Write Registers

• On-Chip 512-Bit ISO/IEC 10118-3 SHA-1 Engine to Compute 160-Bit Message Authentication Codes (MACs) and to Generate Secrets

• Write Access Requires Knowledge of the Secret and the Capability of Computing and Transmitting a 160-Bit MAC as Authorization

• Secret and Data Memory Can Be Write Protected (All or Page 0 Only) or Put in EPROM-Emulation Mode (“Write to 0”, Page 1)

• Unique, Factory-Lasered and Tested 64-Bit Registration Number Assures Absolute Traceability Because No Two Parts Are Alike

• Built-In Multidrop Controller Ensures Compatibility with Other 1-Wire® Net Products

• Reduces Control, Address, Data, and Power to a Single Data Pin

• Directly Connects to a Single Port Pin of a Microprocessor and Communicates at Up to 15.3kbps

• Overdrive Mode Boosts Communication Speed to 125kbps

• Low-Cost 6-Lead TSOC Surface-Mount Package or Solder-Bumped UCSP™ Package

• Reads and Writes Over a Wide Voltage Range of 2.8V to 5.25V from -40°C to +85°C

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