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MCU Crack: Atmel MCU Code Extraction STM32F ARM attack IC Attack: TMS320F2811 DSP Code extraction

HT48R30A-1 MCU Code Extraction,Holtek IC Crack

For HT48R30A-1 MCU Code Extraction, HT48R30A-1 IC Crack, HT48R30A-1 MCU Break, and other Holtek IC Crack. we can help you with quick speed and accuracy.

Freescale IC Crack

For Freescale IC Crack, Motorola MCU Break, Freescale MCU code extraction, Motorola ic crack. we can help you with quick speed and accuracy.

AVR MCU Code Extraction

For most of the AVR MCUs, The MCU Breaking Institute can provide efficient and reliable code extraction.AVR MCU attack have short cycle,100% success and low cost.

Code Extraction from PIC Microcontroller

Code Extraction from PIC Microcontroller, PIC IC Crack, PIC MCU Attack and PIC MCU attack have short cycle,100% success and low cost for us.

dsPIC DSP Code Extraction

Now our Code Extraction skills for dsPIC DSC are on a high level in the MCU Cracking industry. For these dsPIC DSCs, we are able to provide Code Extraction with less time, low cost and high success rate.

Atmel 8051 MCU Attack

With the widely used of 8051 microcontrollers, the 8051 MCU Code Extraction technology has made significant development. We can extract code from MCU for our customers.

LATTICE IC decryption

we have a major breakthough in this research field and can provide safe and reliable CPLD, FPGA, ASIC and PAL Code Extraction.

SST IC Attack/Crack/Break

Anyone who want to remove lock bits from SST series ICs […]

SyncMOS MCU Crack

For SYNCMOS MCU Crack, The MCU Breaking Institute has made a major breakthrough. And SYNCMOS MCU Crack is one of our advantages in the IC breaking research field now


The MCU Breaking Institute have achieved important results in the field of XILINX Chip decryption and we are able to provide quality IC code extraction for most of the typical XILINX CPLDs.

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